Former Apple Engineer and autocorrect creator builds his first app, an Addictive word game called Up Spell

 Former Apple Engineer and autocorrect creator builds his first app, an Addictive word game called Up Spell

Former Apple Engineer and autocorrect creatopr Ken Kocienda, whose work incorporated the first iPhone and the advancement of touchscreen autocorrect, has made his first iOS application, Up Spell. The relentless, fun word game moves clients to spell all the words you can shortly and utilizes a vocabulary of words Kocienda worked to take into consideration the incorporation of legitimate names. A part of application incomes are additionally being given to a nearby food bank, so you can help give back while alleviating worry through gaming.

Kocienda says he had never before made a standalone iOS app.

When he worked at Apple, all the code he wrote was integrated into a bigger iOS release. So when Kocienda got the idea to develop a game, he looked to obvious sources of inspiration: his past experiences with typing, keyboards and autocorrect.

Kocienda says he also wanted the game to be fun, and personally found it frustrating that other word games wouldn’t allow proper names.

“Many games accept words like PHARAOH and PYRAMID, but not NILE or EGYPT. This doesn’t make sense to me. These are all words!,” he says.

So he built his own list that includes thousands of proper names, then added to it more slang and contractions to expand it even further. That means you can spell a word like S’MORES, which involves an apostrophe, for example.

What do you need to know?

  • Up Spell is a new word game that you’re going to lose hours to.
  • It’s from former Apple engineer Ken Kocienda.
  • A portion of the app’s sales will go to charity.

While support for a variety of words, including proper names, is the key way the gameplay differentiates from rivals, the app’s business model is also one that’s becoming less common these days: it’s a one-time paid download.

The app is a $1.99 download that lets you pay once to play forever. Today, many games in this same space use a freemium model where the app download itself is free, but you’re then nagged with in-app hooks to buy coins or tokens to advance gameplay or unlock certain features.

Kocienda’s decision to forgo this model was intentional, he explains.

“I made Up Spell a two-minute game without much in the way of gameplay gimmicks,” says Kocienda. “You just spell words. 2020 has been a rough year for everyone, and sometimes taking out two minutes to think about nothing but spelling a few words is just the kind of right kind of stress reliever,” he adds. “I hope Up Spell brings people a little unexpected happiness to their 2020.”

Also of note, 25 cents per download is being donated to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, which works to get food to vulnerable people in Kocienda’s area.

If all goes well, Up Spell may be followed by other games with a similar model, like a sounds or color-matching games, for instance.

The new game is a one-time paid download on the App Store.