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Update your iPhone Now to iOS 14.4.2, Warning Issued To

Apple has just issued iOS 14.4.2, an urgent security fix for a vulnerability that has already been exploited by attackers. Apple has just released iOS 14.4.2, an important security update that all iPhone users should install right now. The security update in iOS 14.4.2 fixes a vulnerability in Appleā€™s WebKit browser engine, which the iPhone […]Read More


Mobeewave, a Startup That Lets Smartphones to Accept Payments Using

According to report by Bloomberg, Apple have recently purchased the startup for approximately $100 million. Mobeewave’s technology works with NFC, which is built into all modern iPhones. Mobeewave’s website says sending payments with the Mobeewave app is as simple as inputting a transaction amount and tapping an NFC-enabled card on the back of a smartphone. […]Read More