is Gmail down ? How to Fix Gmail Crashing issue?

 is Gmail down ? How to Fix Gmail Crashing issue?

Gmail DOWN: Google’s email app still CRASHING as Android users can’t access messages !

SOME Gmail users are continuing to face a frustrating time with the popular email app crashing on Android devices.

one Gmail user said: “Gmail app opens then immediately closes. Phone restarted and also turned off then back on. App was also stopped and restarted. None of these were a fix.”

Whilst another added: “Same here! Gmail app opens then immediately closes!”

Luckily, Google has now officially confirmed that things are fixed but there are a few things you’ll need to do to get back up and running

It seems the bug is due to a problem with something called WebView which is pre-installed on all Android devices. WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. To get your Gmail working again you simply need to download the latest version from the Google Play Store.

Here are full instructions to get things fixed:

Updating Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play should now resolve the issue for all users.

  1. Navigate to Play Store app
  2. Search for Android System WebView
  3. Select the “Update” option
  4. Repeat these steps for Google Chrome (

Once you have installed the latest update from the Play Store things should return to normal. Cheers!

Along with Gmail, this glitch also hit users of Google, Amazon and Yahoo! apps.

if you encounter any other issues or this doesn’t fix the issue, please comment below and let us know

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